Smart System Institute in National University of Singapore

  • Researcher
  • 2017 Apr – 2018 Oct・18 months・Singapore 
  1. Working on an underwater entertainment system and a volumetric display in the water

Siemens Industry Software N.V In Belgium

  • Engineer
  • 2015 July – 2016 Mar・8 months・Leuven, Belgium
  1. Worked on two tasks regarding a mobile driving support system (recognition of driving statuses and patterns, test on cross-platform environment).
  2. Made a driving automation system compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Software Development (C++, Simulink, Matlab, Linux (Debian), cocos2dx)

Rakuten Institute of Technology

  • Researcher 
  • 2014 Aug – 2015 Feb・8 months・Tokyo, Japan      
  1. Researched on novel shopping support systems.
  2. Applied for a patent, submitted two projects to international conferences.  Palette  POVeye

Physical Computing (spectroscope), Image processing, UI/UX design

2weeks US Workshop 2014 by Recruit Holdings (MIT Media Lab, Silicon Valley etc.)

  • UI/UX team member
  • 2014 Mar・2 weeks・MIT Media Lab, Silicon Valley, Vice NY etc, USA
  1. Improved a photo album application, surveyed the demand and the usability.

Growth Hack (Need survey, Usability evaluation, UI/UX design) 


  • Project Manager
  • 2012 Oct – 2013 May・8 months・Cebu, Philippines, and Kagawa, Japan
  1. Managed web engineers in the Philippines, etc.

Project Management (Progress management, Quality control)


  • Engineer
  • 2012 Jul – 2012 Sep・3 months・Cebu, Philippines
  1. Built a web service to compare English schools in the Philippines with others

Web service Development (PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

 Exploratory IT Human Resources Project 2010 (MITOU)

  • Chief Developer
  • 2010 Dec – 2011 Oct・11 months・Kagawa, Japan
  1. Developed a framework and sensors to visualize radiation and electricity, and obtained the grant money (16, 200 dolls)

Product Management, Software Development(C++, AR, OpenCV, OpenGL, ROOT)