He was the chief developer at Exploratory IT Human Resources Project, where he carried out the responsibility of developing framework and sensors to visualize radiation and electricity and obtained the grant money. He was also the project manager and software developer with high integrity. Aside from this, he has worked in other IT firms such as Cebu Pot. His excellent research ability made it easy for him to offer quality services as a researcher while he was actively working with Rakuten Institute of Technology. He has also worked as an engineer at Siemens Industry Software N.V in Belgium where he made a driving automation system compatible with both Windows and Linux. His most recent work was at Smart System Institute in the National University of Singapore. He was a researcher with a quality experience.


  • Research Enginner
  • 2020 Feb – Present・Tokyo
  1. Managing R & D division in Exawizards India.
  2. Researcher on optical system for visualizing water and air flow
  3. Engineer for edge camera software

Smart System Institute in National University of Singapore

  • Researcher
  • 2017 Apr – 2018 Oct・18 months・Singapore 
  1. Working on an underwater entertainment system and a volumetric display in the water

Siemens Industry Software N.V In Belgium

  • Engineer
  • 2015 July – 2016 Mar・8 months・Leuven, Belgium
  1. Worked on two tasks regarding a mobile driving support system (recognition of driving statuses and patterns, test on cross-platform environment).
  2. Made a driving automation system compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Software Development (C++, Simulink, Matlab, Linux (Debian), cocos2dx)

Rakuten Institute of Technology

  • Researcher 
  • 2014 Aug – 2015 Feb・8 months・Tokyo, Japan      
  1. Researched on novel shopping support systems.
  2. Applied for a patent, submitted two projects to international conferences.  Palette  POVeye

Physical Computing (spectroscope), Image processing, UI/UX design

2weeks US Workshop 2014 by Recruit Holdings (MIT Media Lab, Silicon Valley etc.)

  • UI/UX team member
  • 2014 Mar・2 weeks・MIT Media Lab, Silicon Valley, Vice NY etc, USA
  1. Improved a photo album application, surveyed the demand and the usability.

Growth Hack (Need survey, Usability evaluation, UI/UX design) 


  • Project Manager
  • 2012 Oct – 2013 May・8 months・Cebu, Philippines, and Kagawa, Japan
  1. Managed web engineers in the Philippines, etc.

Project Management (Progress management, Quality control)


  • Engineer
  • 2012 Jul – 2012 Sep・3 months・Cebu, Philippines
  1. Built a web service to compare English schools in the Philippines with others

Web service Development (PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

 Exploratory IT Human Resources Project 2010 (MITOU)

  • Chief Developer
  • 2010 Dec – 2011 Oct・11 months・Kagawa, Japan
  1. Developed a framework and sensors to visualize radiation and electricity, and obtained the grant money (16, 200 dolls)

Product Management, Software Development(C++, AR, OpenCV, OpenGL, ROOT)