Demulti Display: A Multiplayer Gaming Environment for Mitigating the Skills Gap

Although doing sports and games together is effective to create good social connections, a large skill gap among players reduces the enjoyment in such activities.  In this research, we technologically enhance sports and gaming activities in the real world. The gaming environment is aimed at mitigating the differences in ability without reducing the enjoyment. For the initial approach of the research, we implemented a setup for enhancing table games by using a liquid crystals display. The system shows different images to each player using a polarization-based technique. As the application, we implemented an augmented PONG game. The game has a function to support players depending on their scores in the match. This setup can apply to a projector for a wider gaming field for enhancing game activities requiring body movements such as Table Tennis and Air Hockey.



  • Project Fund in Summer Founders Program organized by Division of University Corporate Relations (1,500 dolls)