Fluid-measurement technology using flow birefringence of nanocellulose

We propose a potential fluid-measurement technology aimed at supporting biomechanics research of water sports using fluid simulation and motion analysis. Cellulose nanofibers introduced into the water as tracer particles to visualize the movement of water. An optical property of nanofibers, called flow birefringence, makes water flows brighter than their surroundings when placed between right and left circularly polarized plates. We tested the capability of the technology in a water tank and succeeded in using an existing particle-tracking method-particle image velocimetry (PIV)-to measure the flows from a pump in the tank.


 DOI: 10.1145/3306214.3338565 Organizer:ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH


  • JST Basic Research programACT-I Acceleration Phase (200,000 dollars)  [2018 Apr – 2020 Mar]


  • 特願2019-130260 、“流体計測法”、2019年7月12日