EyeSeWe propose, EyeSee a framework to help users understand what invisible phenomenon such as radiation and electricity are without the exclusive knowledge. EyeSee achieves this by projecting the sensor values into the actual measurement points. This visualization on the real environment is quite useful to demonstrate how these work. For example, people know radiation is a phenomenon, which we need avoid to be exposed, but how it distributes is not well known in general. In addition to this, people tend to feel too much fear because it is invisible and unfamiliar. Visualization on real environment can remove this issue by making invisible phenomenon not special for people. For instance, if you can directly see radiation on the real environment, they can put shielding materials near by the radioactive source and see how radiation can be shielded indeed just like shielding visible light from fluorescent lamp in the room. They can also know what exactly different from normal light in a practical manner.